Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Simply Organic Italian Herb & Garden Vegetable GFCO certification not yet available

Simply Organic 

Italian Herb Sauce (BATCH2079 March 2014) UPC 089836157102 
Garden Vegetable (BATCH 1334 November 2013) 089836157119 
don't have GFCO certification codes.
 The press release for GFCO products includes these products.  Be sure to look for a GFCO certification code to ensure that you are preparing a product that has been tested for its gluten free status.
Simply Organic's reply:
"Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. We are in the process of changing the labels over to include the GFCO logo. While this product does not have any gluten containing ingredients, these batches are not certified gluten-free. These items were added to the list prematurely, and we will remove them until the labels have been updated and all batches go through testing to ensure the absence of gluten. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you"
Thank you Simply Organic and Frontier Naturals COOP for reporting back to us so quickly.

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