Saturday, March 3, 2012

Support Gluten Free Watchdog and Help Us to Get More Products tested GF

 There is a great article on Gluten Free versus Naturally Gluten Free grains, seeds and nuts and they're contamination levels.  It is interesting that Millet Flour tested at 15.5 ppm with a gluten free label.  This is higher than the Celiac Sprue Association's choice of non detectable at 5ppm, but still meets federal guidelines which request non dectable at 20ppm.

For naturally gluten free products (products not labelled gluten free, but not having any gluten containing ingredients):
the range of gluten ran from less than 5ppm to 2,925 ppm

Read more here:

GF Grains: Are They Really Gluten Free

Tricia Thompson is Involved in a monitoring project on both gluten free labeled products.  You can join in your support for only $5 a month.  The Gluten Free Specialty Market is a proud sponsor of Tricia Thompson's project!

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